Day2Day Conversations - the ministry site of Martin and Jill Day who still work part-time and unpaid for this community

ShallowDeep - Modern parables, songs, movies and scripts created by Martin Day from this community

LifeStream Ministries - Wayne Jacobsen's site and rich with top Podcasts. Wayne has been an encouragement to us as we transitioned from a conventional structured church to ... what we are now

Grace Ministries International (GMI) in Atlanta - Good friends who introduced us to the Exchanged Life aspect of the the Gospel

Transformational Leadership Centre (TLC) - A teaching and coaching ministry based in the UK and friends with whom we share so much in common some of whom are part of this extended community

Salt Solution - Christian rock band that some of our community's members used to play in

Bible Gateway - An excellent bible translation site

The Picture Above:

In 2001 Kerry Southey prophesied to our then-Pastor that he would create launching pads for people and that his church would be like Heathrow airport with runways that would enable people to take off and step into all they are called to be in God.

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